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      3. We bring it all together…for you.


        Moline Bearing Company is a manufacturing organization comprised of our factory in the Midwest and 6 warehouses located throughout the United States. Our sales are supported by 49 sales reps with over 3,000 distributors nation-wide.


        Moline bearings are backed with functional expertise that comes from over 80 years of combined experience working within the mechanical power transmission industry.


        Our History is Long and Notable...

        Moline Malleable Iron Company was established in 1869 and originally consisted of a foundry which manufactured castings for thousands of manufacturers in various branches of iron work and power transmission for elevating and conveying machines, elevator buckets, and chains. Moline consumed 4,000 tons of pure pig iron annually which translated into thousands of finished products around the world.


        For over a century, Moline Corporation was a major supplier of chain and castings, serving the world’s leading industries with quality products. It carried the proud reputation of excellence in quality, delivery performance, and service to its customers. Then, as today, innovation and quality were the hallmark of any Moline product. Moline Corporation constantly improved on their manufacturing process through ingenuity and modernization of their operations, facilities, warehousing and distribution.


        Moline Bearing Company was formally established in 1992, when the bearing division was spun off as a separate entity. Thus began a new chapter in Moline’s long history.


        Today, we pass on this combined history and knowledge to you through the quality products we offer and the

        customer service we provide.





        Moline Bearing Company

        Post Office Box 99,  Batavia,  Illinois 60510,  USA

        www.www.mfg-aml.com     sales@www.mfg-aml.com     800.242.4633

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