Monday April 23, 2018


In 2003, the Bank of Jamaica (BOJ) introduced new regulatory requirements limiting services offered by banks. MF&G Trust & Finance divested itself of its advisory, trading and portfolio management services to a new sister Company formed for that purpose, MF&G Asset Management Limited.

MF&G Asset Management began operations on June 1, 2003 and is licensed under the Securities Act 1993. As a licensed securities dealer, the Company's activities are regulated and supervised by the Financial Services Commission (FSC). As such, we are required to conform to a range of financial ratios and constraints as set out in the various regulations under the Securities Act.

We are also guided by our own corporate governance, code of conduct and ethics charters. These charters were developed using international best practices guidelines and allow for greater transparency and service delivery to our clients.


The Company is managed by a team of qualified and responsive professionals, led by a board of directors experienced in banking, investments, finance and the wider capital markets. The Company's strategy is for managed growth, and potential business opportunities will therefore be considered within this context, whilst seeking to maintain a hallmark of personalized, reliable and conservative business practices. Our clientele include individuals, pension funds, trusts and corporate clients both in Jamaica and abroad with funds under management in excess of $2 Billion.

Since its inception, MF&G Asset Management Limited (AML) has served a niche market, consisting of clients with extensive assets. Our expertise adds value to your hard-earned assets. It inspires your confidence to make the right choice.

Let's discuss how our products, our ideas and yours, can make the best use of AML's management and technology support. Our vast experience, expertise in funds management and market know-how will bring you all the services your portfolio needs. Let's talk.


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