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      3. "Moline is all about taking care of the customer"


        David Fauntleroy, Owner, Moline Bearing, Co



        Welcome to Moline Bearing Company

        Moline Bearing Company is a manufacturing organization comprised of our factory and 6 warehouses conveniently located throughout the United States. Our sales are supported by over 49 sales reps with over 3,000 distributors nation-wide. Moline bearings are backed with functional expertise that comes from over 80 years of combined experience working within the mechanical power transmission industry. Today, we pass on this combined history and knowledge to you, our customer, through the quality of products we offer, and the customer service we provide.


        The key to our success has been a commitment to maintain the highest standards in an effort to produce superior bearings. We remain dedicated to apply excellence in design; use quality, durable materials; and employ precise workmanship.


        Products include: Type E Tapered Roller Bearings, M2000 Spherical Roller Bearings, M3000 Even-Lok? Spherical Roller Bearings, ME2000 and ME3000 Spherical Roller Bearings with Type E Dimensions, and Normal Duty Mounted Ball Bearings with Set Screw and Eccentric Locking collar types. Support products include Tapered Bushings, QD Bushings, Weld On Hubs, and Shaft Collars. All of these products are available in a range of sizes suitable for most industrial requirements.


        Our network of warehouses assures our customers that distribution and availability of product remains uninterrupted often resulting in same-day order processing. Engineers and product specialists are available at the factory for application questions and consultation. Many of our customers have told us that our service is what sets us apart. Our knowledgeable service support specialists offer dependability and efficiency that customers have continued to count on daily.


        All of us here would like to thank you for your continued business and for making Moline Bearing your vendor of choice.




        Moline Bearing Company

        Post Office Box 99,  Batavia,  Illinois 60510,  USA

        www.www.mfg-aml.com     sales@www.mfg-aml.com     800.242.4633

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